First, here’s the 2 main ways to promote your loyalty programme:

1. VERBAL COMMUNICATION  – staff simply hand each customer a sticker (one per stamp) and tell them how easy it is to simply open Messenger, find LoyalTim, then enter their unique code (off the sticker). Customers should be made aware of how easy it is to join, with no registration, and that they’re currently missing out on offers and free stuff. Customers with loyalty stamps are less likely to try your competitor!

2. PRINT MARKETING – we’ll create, print and deliver a promo poster for you to display at the point of sale (example above). You might also mention it on menus and digital displays


Since the onboarding process is so easy as there’s no app to download (because customers already have Messenger) and no new account to create (customers already have Facebook) the first 2 ways are the most effective. However, here’s 5 more ways to raise awareness about your new loyalty programme:

3. FACEBOOK MESSENGER – why not copy and paste a message to every customer in your Facebook Inbox that has messaged you in the past. They’ll simply tap on a link to join your loyalty programme

4. SOCIAL MEDIA – promote your loyalty programme by sharing the digital poster

5. EMAIL BLAST – share the news with your email database

6. WEBSITE – inform visitors to your website to pick up a sticker on their next visit

7. SMS BLAST – for US-based businesses there’s an interesting option of instantly messaging all of the customers (via Messenger) that have given you their phone number along with permission to use it for marketing, since their phone number is connected to their Facebook profile. Facebook charge a one-time fee of $99 for this customer-matching service.